[linux-audio-announce] Ceres V0.30

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Subject: [linux-audio-announce] Ceres V0.30
From: Kjetil S. Matheussen (k.s.matheussen_AT_notam02.no)
Date: Fri Jul 12 2002 - 19:26:01 EEST

Ceres is a simple program for displaying sonograms and for sound effects
in the frequency domain.


New in Ceres 0.15 -> 0.30

-Optimized additiv resynthesis function. ~3 times faster on IA32.

-Double buffer graphics.

-Improved Graphical control for the control functions.

-Improved GUI.

-Fixed some lesstif problems, but openmotif is still prefered.

-All 16bit/24bit/32bit/float/double soundformats (ao. wav and aiff)
 supported by libsndfile is supported. ( http://www.zip.com.au/~erikd/libsndfile/ )

-Realtime playing of current soundbuffer.

-libsnd support.

-jack support.

-libaudio support (for the SGI, untested)

-Preview of all transforms. (Limited length)

-Realtime preview of all transforms. Its a hack, and full quality is not
 gained. But one gets a good impression for most of the transforms.

-Matlab export function. (Quite equal to the csound export function)

-Large soundfiles stored on disk instead of memory. Very little
 speed-loss (about 1% slower for idedma/scsi-disks) because
 of this, except for some transforms (blur, shear,
 average, warp and spectrum shape) that needs to reorganize all data
 before and after processing.
 The reorganizing takes about the same time it takes to save a file
 using IFFT resynthesis 16 times (rough guess, disk access is what takes
 time). The alternative is to let blur, shear, average, etc. use about
 window-size/2 times longer time to process, or let everything take twice
 as much time. Processing shorter sounds, which is stored in memory, does
 not have to reorganize data, and takes the same time as before.

-Ported the warp and spectrum shape transforms from ceres3.

-Configurations can be saved in $(HOME)/.ceres.

-More configuration options.

-Unlimited or limited undo and redo.

-Made it harder to compile up and run Ceres.


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