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From: Daniel James (daniel_AT_linuxaudio.org)
Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 16:04:08 EET

Thursday, 15th January 2004 - The Internet


Launched today with 17 members, Linuxaudio.org[1] brings together the
leading projects and companies working in the field of professional
audio systems based on libre software.[2]

Linuxaudio.org is a not-for-profit consortium of companies and libre
software projects using Linux kernel based systems and other libre
software for audio work, with an emphasis on professional tools for
the music, recording and broadcast industries. The consortium aims to
co-ordinate joint projects between members, collaborate on the
promotion of Linux based systems for audio tasks, and provide a
single point of contact for prospective industry partners.

Organisations of all sizes and individuals are involved in audio
development on Linux kernel based platforms. Until the launch of
Linuxaudio.org, there has not been a formal organisation to assist
and promote the development of this technology. Linuxaudio.org takes
its inspiration from the Open Source Development Lab[3], where Linux
kernel development is co-ordinated, and the Consumer Electronics
Linux Forum[4]. Both of these organisations have attracted broad
support from the leading companies in their respective fields.

The Linuxaudio.org consortium does not charge membership fees, as this
would disadvantage small libre software projects and specialist
companies who are already making a substantial contribution to Linux
audio by developing and releasing software for free download.
However, there will be sponsorship opportunities for member
organisations. This sponsorship could take the form of support for
members attending audio industry events and conferences, or the
donation of hardware to software developers and test facilities.

Members of the consortium at the launch include:

AGNULA project
Libre software and music

ALSA project (supported by SUSE)
Soundcard drivers and utilities for Linux

Ardour project
Digital audio workstation for Linux

Audacity project
Cross-platform multitrack recorder and editor

Boost Hardware
Custom built portable Linux DAW and DJ machines

Core Sound
Portable recording hardware and microphone manufacturers

Dyne:bolic project
Linux distribution running from CD-ROM

Fervent Software
The company behind the Rosegarden sequencer

4Front Technologies
Developers of Open Sound System and 3D audio technologies

JACK project
Low latency audio server for Linux

JAMin project
Mastering tool for the JACK audio server

Linux Audio Systems
The company supporting the Ardour DAW

Linux-based workstation keyboard manufacturers

Publisher of the Mandrake Linux distribution

Mirror Image Studios
Linux based recording studio

Plugin.org.uk project
Home of many LADSPA effects plugins

Rosegarden project
MIDI and audio sequencer for Linux

Linuxaudio.org members are expected to agree to the conditions set out
in the Policy[5] document. On joining the consortium, each member can
nominate an individual that will represent it on the Linuxaudio.org
Management Board. Projects and companies interested in joining the
consortium can apply by contacting the Director, Daniel James, or the
Chair of the Management Board, Dave Phillips. Contact information is
available on the Linuxaudio.org site.

"As Mandrake Linux is gaining momentum in the multimedia field,
MandrakeSoft is very happy to join the Linux Audio consortium. Such
an organisation is needed to promote the use of Linux as a platform
of choice for running professional audio applications", said François
Bancilhon, CEO of MandrakeSoft[6].

Andrea Glorioso of the AGNULA[7] libre software and music project
commented "The AGNULA project is excited to join the Linux Audio
consortium. Since we base our work on the principle of maximum
co-operation, typical of Free Software projects, we can only applaud
the effort to unite the key GNU/Linux players in the audio software
industry and community. We are looking forward to contributing our
experience to the expertise provided by consortium members, with the
common goal of developing ever better Linux-based systems
for professional audio work."

"4Front enthusiastically supports the Linuxaudio.org consortium and
the timing is just right for a consortium to promote the development
of audio and multimedia applications on Linux. 4Front has been laying
the foundation for audio on Linux since the very beginning with Open
Sound System" said Dev Mazumdar, President of 4Front Technologies[8].

Chris Cannam from the Rosegarden[9] sequencer project added "This
initiative is exactly what the Linux audio world needs, and the
timing couldn't be better. The Linux community has a development
model that should be of interest to professional users everywhere,
and a great many interesting technologies and applications already.
It's time to start introducing them to the world."



[1] http://linuxaudio.org/

[2] We use the term 'libre software' rather than 'free software' or
'open source', because some people get the wrong idea and assume that
free means 'free-as-in-beer'. Since some consortium members are
producing commercial products, that assumption won't always be
correct. We don't use the term Open Source, because while libre
software has source code available, not all publically available
source code is released under a libre licence - the best known libre
software licence being the GNU GPL.

[3] http://osdl.org/

[4] http://celinuxforum.org/

[5] http://linuxaudio.org/en/policy.html

[6] http://www.mandrakesoft.com/

[7] http://agnula.org/

[8] http://www.opensound.com/

[9] http://www.all-day-breakfast.com/rosegarden/

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