[linux-audio-announce] MusE 0.7.0 is out!

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Subject: [linux-audio-announce] MusE 0.7.0 is out!
From: Robert Jonsson (rj_AT_spamatica.se)
Date: Mon Jul 19 2004 - 00:29:13 EEST

Hi everybody,

It is finally here! The long awaited: <drumroll>
# # ###### #### #####
## ## # # ## #
# # # # # # #### # # # # #
# # # # # ## # #### # # # #
# # # # ## # ## # #
# # # # # ## # # # ## #
# # #### #### ###### #### ## #

A new stable release of MusE has finally seen the light of day. This release
has been in development for over half a year and the list of changes is huge.
This milestone release has internal as well as external redesigns resulting
in much improved stability. MusE 0.7 has also improved usability as well as
plenty new and improved features.

Muse is an integrated midi and audio sequencer with support for Alsa, Jack,
LADSPA, internal and external softsynths and much more. All in all it is a
complete music creation environment.
See the MusE homepage: http://lmuse.sourceforge.net for a more comprehensive

[New and improved]
This new version of MusE has a huge amount of changes, some highlights:

* New look
  - MusE has a new look with both visual and usability improvements

* Lots of performance improvements
  - Internal redesign leading to realtime performance greatly improved

* Softsynths
  - MusE can now utilize win32 VST-Instruments natively
  - Internal synth interface redesigned for better performance
* MusE is now always a Jack application
  - Interface to jack extended greatly
  - support for jack transport (both master and slave)
  - freewheeling mode for mixdown etc...

* Audio functionality extended
  - Mixer merged with midi-mixer
  - Audio routing redesigned
  - New types of generic 'tracks' Input/Output/Aux/Group/etc

* Automation
  - A new automation subsystem (first version)

* Configuration and customization
  - lots of new customization options
  - shortcut editor

* Editor improvements
  - drum editor improved with many shortcuts
  - arranger keyboard navigation and shortcuts

[On the minus side]
* Score editor is no longer available
* Song format changed, no converter has been produced as of yet.
* MusE can no longer be started 'stand alone', jack is always used.

See http://lmuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Features for a list of more
bells and whistles.

The source download is available at:

[Known issues]
Have a look at the Errata at
http://lmuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Errata0.7 for a list of known
issues with this release.

[Many more changes]
      * do not save midi controller information in ~/.MusE file
      * Added message boxes when alsa and jack fails to initialize
      * added icons for drum-/listeditor in the arranger on rightclick
      * disabled midi mtc sync as its not implemented; disabled
        midi sync slave modes as they are currently not working
      * enabled sending midi clock
      * splitted removeTrack()/insertTrack() into three phases: pre realtime
        actions - realtime actions - post realtime actions; this allows
        to move memory allocations out of realtime task
      * changed undo/redo of tracks: synti instances are now really deleted on
        delete track
      * jack connection changes with qjackctrl are now recognized by MusE
      * applied patch from John Check to add a panic button to pianoroll
      * impl. "all notes off" for organ synti
      * disabled buttons for not implemented functions
      * added muse/wave/solo button in the trackinfo
      * enabled some midi sync code
      * dialogs for change of drummap when converting miditrack to drumtrack
        or changing port.
      * automatic trackchange in tracklist when selecting parts in arranger
      * added modify velocity to drumeditor + bugfix for modify velocity
      * fixed midi step recording
      * fixed bug in arranger: pressing enter after renaming part started
      * fixed --enable-rtcap configuration option
      * fix make MusE work on 64 bit architectures
      * added aux send for syntis
      * added info box which explains why when MusE gets kicked by Jack
      * added instrument definition for roland MC-505
      * store a backup upon saving a new version of a song
      * transpose + grid patch added
      * added new config option: disable splash screen
      * fixed a crash when moving an event to tick positions < 0
      * fixed: selecting a note in pianoroll editor and changing a value
        with note-info toolbar crashed MusE
      * added pianoroll velocity variation when clicking on virtual keyboard
      * hopefully a fix for drum in & outmap-issues in midi.cpp
      * FluidSynth: added support for drum patches
      * MusE now will not start if RTC is not available.
      * changed default start behaviour to open default.med template
      * Lots of new icons
      * Autodetect of browser for help system
      * pitch bend handling and import fixed
      * show one more measure in pianoroll and drum editor
      * list editor: implemented input mode for program change messages
      * fixed routing for stereo LADSPA plugins used in mono strips
      * midi import fixes
      * auxSend chorusSend and reverbSend enabled in midi mixer strip if
        corresponding controllers are added
      * implemented "Add New Controller" in list editor / edit controller
      * midi controller values now saved in *.med file
      * drag & drop import of wave and midi files
      * updated roland-XP30.idf instrument definition
      * Custom guis for plugins work again
      * Splash screen
      * LADCCA/LASH support updated
      * Cleaned up shortcuts
      * Single key shortcuts for edit tools
      * Update marker list on tempo change
      * Allow adding markers from the ruler with shift-click
      * Metronom now sends proper note off events
      * Clip list editor deaktivated
      * After loading of template, treat current project as "untitled"
      * Song format changed due to bugfixes
      * Shortcuts to bug reporting tool and homepage from help menu
      * Updated AboutBox
      * Fixed QT version check in m4/qt.m4

check the Changelog
for a complete list of changes (no this wasn't all).

Have lots of fun and tell us what you think!

/MusE Development team/

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