[LAA] OpenMusic 6.9 - new build for Ubuntu (.deb) and Fedora (.rpm)

From: <anders.vinjar@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Feb 03 2015 - 00:10:23 EET

New builds available at: https://forge.ircam.fr/p/OM/downloads/

OpenMusic homepage: http://repmus.ircam.fr/openmusic/home

Main news:

 - new package scripts for RPM and DEB, to take care of necessary
   (32-bit) dependencies for OM. (OM is still 32-bit only from lack of
   access to 64-bit lw-compiler.)

 - the music-fonts OM uses (omfonts) get installed as part of the main
   package, ie. the extra package is no longer needed

 - a non-standard dependency: libsdif.so ("SDIF: Sound Description
   Interchange Format" - http://sdif.sourceforge.net/) - is provided as
   RPM- and DEB-packages at the download site

Other news:

 - PortMidi handles midi i/o, using the same code on all 3 supported
   platforms (Linux, OSX, Windows)

 - fluidsynth is no longer part of the OM-application, instead users are
   expected to connect to their preferred MIDI-synth to play back MIDI
   from OM

 - various new features and bug-fixes

Packages are checked on Fedora 20+21, and Ubuntu 14.04.1.

Thanks for all bug-reports.

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