Re: paudio: usable with OSS-Linux?

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Subject: Re: paudio: usable with OSS-Linux?
From: Jeremy D. Impson (
Date: su loka   11 1998 - 22:27:18 EDT

On Sat, 10 Oct 1998, Paul Winkler wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to get paudio running. If you could offer any suggestions I
> would greatly appreciate it.
> I grabbed the paudio package. I did make; make install, that seemed OK,
> I put "install paudio /sbin/insmod -f /lib/modules/misc/paudio.o
> 2>/dev/null" in my /etc/conf.modules, but when I do modprobe paudio
> nothing seems to happen. lsmod doesn't show it,
> and there's no /proc/audio.

I have not yet figured out how kerneld and modprobe does the autoloading
stuff. paudio requires the (specially patched) sound module to be loaded
ahead of time, but I don't know how to let kerneld/modprobe that it is
dependent on the sound module.

> This is with OSS-Linux 3.91e loaded. OSS-Linux is loaded as a group of
> modules. Is paudio only usable with OSS-free, or should it work with
> OSS-Linux? Any other ideas?

Oh wait. What is OSS-Linux? If it is the commercial version of the sound
drivers, then paudio won't work (as you need to modify the source code and
recompile it, which you can't do with the commercial ones). Or is it the
new sound modules in the 2.1 kernel-line? If so, paudio can be made to
work with them, but the kernel patch would need to be redone, and I think
that the module interface has changed with 2.1. Basically, it can't be
done yet.

> Regards,
> PW
> p.s. The reason I want paudio is I am a musician, and there's a lot of
> fun sound-generating toys on Linux, many of which (e.g. Xsynth) give you
> no way to store the output, they just write straight to /dev/dsp or
> /dev/audio. It seems like a great idea that could let me work around
> many of the software limitations I've found -- but I can't get paudio to
> work!

This is the beauty of having the source code to your operating system.

Let me know about OSS-Linux, and I'll see what I can do.



Jeremy Impson Linux, Perl, and Network geek

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