Re: [linux-audio-dev] ANN: Csound 5.00 Release

From: Hans Fugal <hans@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Feb 05 2006 - 03:01:06 EET

This is great news, congratulations to all the developers.

I'll get started on the Debian package ASAP.

On Thu, 2 Feb 2006 at 19:03 +0100, Istvan Varga wrote:
> After what has seemed a very long time (because it was...) we are
> releasing csound5.00
> The binary, manuals and source files are on
> and look for the csound5 files.
> The opportunity has been taken to tidy up the assembly of csound4.23
> and earlier files and we are leaving the 4.23 files for a short while.
> Main message -- everyone should change to csound5. More robust,
> faster, more facilities, more fun, more music.
> ==John ffitch
> Release Notes for Csound 5.00
> -----------------------------
> The developers are very pleased to be releasing Csound5, for Linux (32
> and 64 bit), Mac OSX and Windows, together with an uptodate manual.
> The system can be downloaded from
> More details and further information can be found in the csound-devel
> mailing list at sourceforge and the main user mailing list at
> csound@email-addr-hidden
> The changes from version 4.23 are extensive. The internal structure of
> the code has been radically changed, but the language remains compatible
> with Csound4, and all old orchestra/scores should run unchanged.
> The main visible change is that we are using a plugin style of system.
> Many of the opcodes are now loaded at start-up. This opens the way for
> private opcode libraries, and opcodes released under other licences than
> The other major change is a move to the use of external libraries where
> possible. All the internal code for sound files, realtime audio etc has
> been replaced. We are now using libsndfile for audio file I/O, and one
> of ALSA, PortAudio, CoreAudio, MME or ASIO for realtime. MIDI may be
> handled by PortMIDI as well. The incorporation of Open Sound Control
> facilities uses the liblo library.
> A number of opcodes from csoundAV and csoundVST are now part of the main
> system.
> Another major change is that Csound5 is embeddable in other programming
> systems, using an API for information linkage. We are including Python,
> Java and other bindings for the API. Csound5 can also have multiple
> instances and is re-entrant.
> In addition there are a number of new opcodes, and of course bug fixes.
> We believe that csound5 is faster than csound4, and we encourage all
> users to move to it.
> New features:
> ------------
> Access to multiple ALSA devices
> FLTK widgets reworked and synchronised with csoundAV
> User defined gens with names (rather than numbers)
> --expression-opt command option
> Information on time for each phase of csound if required
> Command line options to set ID tags in output soundfile
> (title/copyright etc)
> Jack available as output device
> --sched option now accepts a priority value
> -+rtaudio option to select output system
> Many new command line options
> Utilities to create csd files from orc/score
> Tcl/TK frontends (cstclsh and cswish)
> Can use looping structures in WAV files as well as AIFF
> Increased number of possible input and output audio file formats
> named channels
> #ifdef in orchestra
> removed limitation of only one track in MIDI input files
> MIDI output can also be written to a file (this is somewhat limited)
> MIDI-style extra time and release (xtratim, linsegr, etc.) is now also
> possible with score notes
> string variables (of type S)
> automatic conversion of some C-style escape sequences
> (\n, \r, ASCII code in octal \ooo format, etc) in string constants
> made internal indexes to orchestra variables 32 bit (was 16 bit in
> Csound 4),
> allowing for larger and more complex instruments
> replaced old PVOC format with PVOC-EX in all related opcodes
> SADIR SSDIR and INCDIR can now be a sdemicolon separated list of
> directories
> New Opcodes:
> -----------
> maxk
> tab, tabw, and tb0()..tb15()
> vst4cs plugin opcodes
> pconvolve
> ftconv
> loris opcodes
> Python opcodes
> fluid opcodes
> chani and chano; chnset and chnget (string indexed)
> GEN43
> a number of pvs (streaming phase vocoder) opcodes
> moogladder
> statevar
> fofilter
> syncgrain
> miditempo
> event_i
> reverbsc (Sean Costello's waveguide reverb)
> freeverb
> gentune GEN operation
> GEN51
> GEN52
> diskin2
> turnoff2
> a-rate int() and frac(), and round(), floor(), and ceil()
> << and >> operators
> STK (Perry Cook) instruments available from original code
> k() function
> Mixer opcodes
> OSCrecv, OSClisten, OSCsend
> loop opcodes
> printf, printf_i
> string hacking opcodes
> Bug Fixes:
> ---------
> Error in tablew fixed
> Minor fixed in dcblock
> Include files were confused by sections
> Improved reading of command line
> Fixes in dynamic fgen numbers
> gogobel and vibraphone amplitude fix
> Arguments to schewhen were wrong
> Better checking in bqrez
> minor checking in grain
> wguide2, wguide1 avoid very low frequencies
> wgpluck bug fix
> Some error messages corrected and typos fixed
> FLsetVal arguments were wrong
> outo missed out channel 6
> fixed bugs and improved error reporting in ^+ and ^- code.
> kread, kdump and a number of other opcodes will take string arguments
> from the score
> bug fix in sinc window (gen20)
> Added iskip options to moogvcf, vco, bqrez, pareq, tbvcf and rezzy
> values rounded rather than truncated in deltap, comb, and delay
> removed spurious initial values from some MIDI opcodes
> Joystick was upside down
> lpshold and loopseg changed to agree with csoundAV
> marimba now allows zero probability of a multiple strike
> Added skipinit argument to diskin and soundin
> wave-terrain fixes for phase error accumulation (on long notes)
> new optional argument to delayr and all deltap opcodes, to allow delay
> taps to read from any of the nested delayr/delayw pairs, not just the
> last
> new optional argument to distort1 opcode (defaults to zero), to select
> amplitude scaling mode (0: default, compatible with original version;
> 1: relative to 0dBFS, same as mode 0 if 0dbfs is 32768; 2: unscaled)
> valpass fixed parameter overwriting
> Improved accuracy in some filters
> Improvements in bowedbar
> JPff -- 1 Feb 2006
> Files on Sourceforge
> ====================
> Sources:
> Csound5.00_src.tar.gz
> Csound5.00_OS9_src.smi.bin
> Csound5.00_src_all.tar.gz (including Loris and STK code)
> (including Loris and STK code)
> Manual
> OS9:
> Csound5.00_OS9.smi.bin
> OSX:
> Csound5.00_OSX10.3.tar.gz
> Csound5.00_OSX10.4.tar.gz
> Linux
> Csound5.00_i686.rpm
> Csound5.00_x86_64.rpm
> [Linux for non-root users
> Csound5.00_x86_64d.tar.gz
> Csound5.00_x86_64f.tar.gz
> ]
> Windows
> Csound5.00_win32.exe (with installer)

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