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From: cdr <ix@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Feb 22 2006 - 08:29:30 EET

> i have a question for you though, would you take widespread copyright
> infringement over pervasive DRM (and it's associated outcomes)?
> it's a moot question, we're gonna get DRM. but it's not a trick

at the same time as getting DRM, a flourishing array of unrestricted material as well. plus the good stuff still comes out on vinyl first anyway... when seeing DRM as one of many components in an increasing police-state-ization, the inability to copy an already-lossy copy of some commercial music seems rather trivial. since there are much greater ills going on with only a fringe/marginal level of disgust, i doubt there will be enough disdain against DRM to produce any kind of traffic wrt new linux or CC activity among those who dont already use it, but who knows. maybe 'old money' really does like shooting itself in the foot (when not peppering the face of its hunting partners)..

> question. i'm genuinely interested to know your opinon on this as i see
> no other way for unit based sales of media to thrive without DRM.
> (assuming copyright infringement is such a serious problem that is)

it was thriving a lot more before DRM was a glimpse in any Orwell reader's eye
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