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Date: Fri Feb 24 2006 - 21:20:19 EET

On Mon, Feb 20, 2006 at 04:33:08PM -0800, Michael Ost wrote:
> We are interested in getting the new Guitar Rig 2 USB foot controller
> supported in Linux/Wine. It's described here:
> I assume from looking at it, that a USB driver would be required and
> then perhaps some Wine tweaks to let the plugin open the USB driver.
> Anyone interested in taking this on? We are hoping to do this as a trade
> --- like you do this work and get a Receptor and/or some VST plugins for
> your time.

this sounds very interesting.
isnt the guitar rig only an audio/midi card from the computer side ?

what does lsusb say ?
what information about the hardware will be available ?

i cant find hardware info about it.
if i would have designed it it would be some generic audio/midi chip
with some midi talking logic on a pcb.
they are a software company, they cant brew their own hardware, thats
too expensive..

although it should be quite cool to use the rig kontrol as a dongle :)

> BTW, we also have a job opening, posted here:


fst, netjack... i can almost build my own receptor ;)
but i cant move away from here, and got a full-time job, which
would cost like EUR3000 a month if another one would do it..

otherwise i would surely like to work with you guys.
> Thanks ... mo
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