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From: Christoph Eckert <ce@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Feb 27 2006 - 20:24:13 EET

> So it looks like I may be at LAC2006.  I was thinking of bringing my
> SO and spending a few days sightseeing after the conference, since
> we've never been to Germany.  Any recommendations for interesting
> stuff to do in the area?  We are into nature hikes, history, good
> restaurants - pretty boring actually ;-)

some info for anyone who intends to spend some additional days in
Germany/Baden Württemberg:

* Some days after the LAC the Linuxtag opens (2006-05-03 through
2006-05-06). It's europes largest event about free software (about
15,000 visitors) with a really good programme (usually four slots at a
time). It happens in Wiesbaden this year instead of Karlsruhe, so it's
not "just round the corner" but just 2 hours by train

* There's an interesting project in Halberstadt (east of germany) where
a piece of John Cage gets performed for 639 (sic!) years. On 2006-05-05
the next tone change will happen, meet me there ;-) . If you go to
Halberstadt, visit the Dome and some further churches as well. There
are some other nice towns nearby like Quedlinburg or the Pfalz in

* Karlsruhe isn't an old town, so it cannot offer really old cathedrals
and the like. But the castle and its park are worth a visit for sure.
Try entering the tower of the castle (=entry for the museum)

* Nearby you can visit a very old cathedral in Schwarzach

* There are some old towns nearby worth a visit like Worms, Speyer,
Freiburg and Strasbourg. The last one really is worth a visit, and you
have even been to France/Alsace :)

* There are even locations built by the romans (the river Rhein has been
the border of the »Imperium Romanum« for some time)

* Grab the chance and visit the black forest, if you like even more than
once. There are trains (~1h), or if you like rent a bike and have fun.
There are also lots of hiking trails. If you need assistance, don't
hesitate to drop me a line

* If there are further things of interest in germany you'd like to see
I'm willing to answer any questions

* I recommend a good restaurant which offers a soup with Maultaschen as
starter and a loin of venison with Spätzle, in the optimal case with
plums as main course. It's usually known as »Badischer Rehrücken«. As
dessert try »Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte«, a tart with cherries and cream

Best regards


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