Re: [linux-audio-user] outdated apps

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] outdated apps
From: Dave Phillips (
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 21:31:35 EET

Juan Linietsky wrote:

> It looks a lot better! thanks again

You're quite welcome. Thank you for combing through the listings.
> What could be done, which i'd like to help, is to find people that would be interested in, at least, once per month, check the
> links of a section, and comment you on broken one, discontinued apps, etc. I can check help with the trackers page, and maybe
> some other, which i have experience with.

This work should be done in conjunction with Paul Winkler's project
(though of course I will welcome it for my site too). Paul, do you still
have it mind to revise/revamp the Linux soundapps site ? Would Juan's
idea benefit or complement yours ?
> My point wasnt about dated apps, which can of of course be useful, but about plain not working ones (projects that were announced
> before even being in a working stage or actually doing something), since they are useless for the user, and of a minimum interest
> to the coder, like sarah tracker, keg tracker, funktracker, maube, or insotracker, all discontinued and in general, never past
> the "has an intercace, loads the module and displays it, and that's all" stage.

Ah, the world of Linux software ! Well, "Let ten thousand flowers
blossom", or so they say...

I haven't tried some of the apps you mention. I mean no disrespect, but
I'm unwilling to remove anything at the suggestion of a single reader.
Maybe someone else *has* built and run some of those apps ? For
instance, I've run Funktracker here (but not lately), it seemed to work
all right. Again, I see here the need for something more like reviews or
ratings. And again, some note indicating when the app was last updated.

What do other readers think of Juan's idea ? Personally I think it's
quite timely, I'm just not willing to put in the time. And even if I
was, I don't *have* the time...

> If removing them is not possible, at least they could be put at the bottom under a "discontinued" title.

Funny thing: If you look at the HTML source for the revised MOD section
(in the frames version of the page) you'll see a commented-out section
called The Bone Yard. I'm thinking of adding a page dedicated to listing
all those discontinued and non-working apps. One more thing for me to

> That's why i think these dead apps should be tagged as such, since they are not of much use to the coder, and they have no use at
> all for the user.

Here's the problem: By this time there are probably about a thousand
links on the site, a rather formidable number to weed through. I'm not
sure the listings at Linuxberg or Freshmeat handle things any better,
but if they have some way of automating the process f keeping up on
application viability I'd sure like to know about it.
[re: Cheesetracker segfaults]

> Ahh, that happened to me also some days ago when i tried to compile it with pgcc-2.95.2 (which btw, boosts the performance of the
> program amazingly). But i cant say if it's pgcc's fault, the compiler version
> or something I did, so if you could tell me your compiler version it wold be very useful.

GCC 2.95.3

> Thanks!

Again, thank you for helping out, I truly appreciate your assistance in
clearing up the page. I'm sure the rest of the community appreciates it

So: Who wants to do the same for the MIDI or the MP3 sections ?

Best regards,

== Dave Phillips

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