Re: [linux-audio-user] Poll about linux music audio app usability

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Poll about linux music audio app usability
From: K.Bratanov (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 14:36:11 EEST

Hi everybody!

In connection of this subject I would like to share some thoughts
about linux as general (not english speaker here, sorry for any
strange english). I am not professional about what i'll write here so
it is more a good desire.. I write this, expressing my wish for good
linux future. If you think what i write is not of any use, and you
have better ideas - then wonderful!, i support you.

I like very much that system and my home computer runs linux(debian)
(doing programming, text editing, internet, games, music editing, ..)
though, actually, i would have as a second os some windows xp, but
can't afford the money for now. All these years i observe carefully
linux development and i am glad at every linux achievment. As I want
Linux to grow and to become leading OS among the average computer
users I think there are some essential things to follow:

but first a question: Do you want Linux to grow and to become leading
OS among THE AVERAGE USERS, those ppl that are not computer
specialists, but want to use thir computer as they use thir CD Player
or Sony PlayStation? Those ppl that have made ms windows so
successful.. If you dont want that then i don't think it is worth to
continue reading

1. Applications must be at maximum extent EASY to
        1. INSTALL , (without any compilation, if possible)
        2. USE and
        3. UNINSTALL

2. Applications must have GUI. Users are scared at console
applications. OK, i prety much know that linux guys are NOT, but I
mean the AVERAGE user, that is not a computer specialist, and that
want to have FUN with his new great laptop, and not to explore the
kernel or download and compile the latest lib of something like that

3. Applications must look GOOD and aim at maximum users, for ex. not
expressing some partial attitude and repelling ppl with writings
against, say, windows, and so on..

4. Applications must be stable as much as possible. We know that this
is difficult to ensure, but i think this must be a goal for sure

Linux is free code, Linux is free comunity, this is wonderful indeed,
but sometimes this brings problems aswell. I mean that everybody is
free to do what ever he wants and that way we have many, many, many..
diffirent things but in many aspects they are not so good as the
things that microsoft creates (or that are created for ms windows) -
the simple reason is that microsoft (pays money, of course, bot not
only) (and professional software companies) PLANS CAREFULY EVERY
aspect of its "creatures" - GUI design, psichologicaly treatment of
user convenience and all those boring things for some hacker guys -
all those things attract users, of course, and we have the result -
the success of microsoft among average users - don't deny it if you
see it is true..
Microsoft is ONE and all this is more easyly done, and linux is not
ONE, linux is MANY. And I think that we linux ppl can think for some
things that can make more easy creation of EASY to use, QUALITY,
BEAUTIFUL, STABLE, COMPATABLE and so on, linux applications.

Well, what do you think for creation of International Linux Standards
Oragnization, or something like that.. the idea is that there is
something CENTRAL that help planning, and and where there may be held
councels or something .. unification of fetch for becomming more
powerful and competitive .. CENTRAL here doesnt mean dictatorship or
one-man-control, but central counceling and agreement.. i am sure in
microsoft many ppl think, think, think.. about sucessful policies and
so on..

It doesnt have to be organisation indeed, it can be a site (for ex with forums , or some kind of organised discussions ,
or what ever,

DEVELOPERS .. "..agreement for all this is needed of course.." :)
For example some knowing guys can describe and set forums about ALL
IMPORTANT side of a good application - for.ex. GUI, convenience,
compatability, e.t.c. Or, say, there may be zones: 1.proposal,
2.testing,3.standards. There are many linux ppl that are talanted and
skilled in one filed or another so this must have succes i suppose..

ok, what do you think and what better ideas do you have? for i am
sure you have good constructive ideas..

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