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Subject: [linux-audio-user] [Fwd: OS file format/authoring of Generative Media]
From: Dave Phillips (dlphilp_AT_bright.net)
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 20:39:39 EEST


  Ja, ja, I'm the forwarding spam-king... But this message refers to a
nice chunk of cash for the deserving developer...

Best regards,

== Dave Phillips

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attached mail follows:

Dear Dave,
I am investigating the field of generative media
(generative art, music and design) and would ask you
for help/advice in these terms.

I am not sure how much informed you are in this
purticular direction of media arts, but a number of
artists, researchers and software developers have tried
to capture the power of undeterministic reproduction or
more siply said -- avoiding the fixed score in reproduction
by introducing live performance qualities.
Brian Eno wrote interesting texts on this subject and
helped develope Koan music application (www.sseyo.com),
which led to his Generative Music album.

A lot of people in electronic music/sound art scene
also tried to do similar things using fuzzy logic, AI, random
input systems (mostly Max/MSP some PD users also).

Previosly mentioned SSEYO Inc. has developted very sofisticated
authoring software called Koan Pro and more simple KoanMix...
Thay support Winnows and Macintosh but not Linux platform,
however thay have opened their API and file format thay use
is txt based so someone can (at least in theory) develop
Linux version. Thay basicly mix the MOD way with .mp3 samples
and realtime effects that are available in their engine.

Knowing your activity (following the articles you publish)
with LinuxSound (which is sometimes usable for sound in general)
I would appreciate your recomendations in terms of what you
think might be a good starting point for creating open generative
music/sound file format.

Which tools would be good to be used, in order to get relativly
big userbase and number of supported platforms ? jMAX ? PD ? C-Sound ?
Which format structure should be taken?
maybe xml based with embeded .ogg samples ? existing ones from C-Sound?

Why am I asking you this now?
Well I am working on a project of getting a few generative
artists/researchers/developers together in early October in Croatia
for GenArtLAb event, and would like to announce this event
as a place where we could actually try to start establishing some
kind of a standard ?

We also have some money (around 1000$) to award the first developer
who submits substential amount of GNU/GPL code with this idea in mind.

If you think this is something worth investingating please consider
joining our effort and helping with the project (with txt to be included
in catalogue publication, code or references).

Best wishes,
Zeljko Blace
Multimedia Institute, Zagreb CROATIA

as I am avid user of (Open)BeOS I am trying to see which of the
Open Source Linux applications can/can't be ported to BeOS, so
would you help me buy pointing out how to see which applications
rely on which libraries and widgets (since GTK is almost ported
and Tk is no where in sight)? Is there a way to get listing
on Sound/music apps that use Tk so I can actually see if it is worth
bothering BeOS developers to port Tk (I miss PD and mash tools the most):

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