RE: [linux-audio-user] A Newbie's New System?

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Subject: RE: [linux-audio-user] A Newbie's New System?
From: Mark Knecht (
Date: Sun Sep 15 2002 - 16:17:57 EEST

   I think you'll be just fine starting with the AP2496. There is support
for this card under Alsa. If you haven't seen this list already, here's the
current list:

Check under Midiman for this card. Again, I'm using it, and it works fine so

   One other thing to consider is a MIDI interface. This is included on the
AP2496, but I haven't used MIDI under Linux so I can't say how well this
card does that job. People are starting to get Midisport 2X2 support
together, so that's a pretty inexpensive solution should the AP2496 have a
problem. (I doubt it, but it's good to have a plan.)

   One other thing to consider is expandability. You might not be used to
this with a Mac. I'm not with Windows. Alsa actually supports multiple cards
from different manufacturers at the same time. I don't have it working yet,
but with Alsa I can apparently make a 'virtual' card that combines the
AP2496 and the Hammerfall into a single card from an application's point of
view. Cool 'eh?! ;-) You can expand later and still use everything you've

   AMD-Asus is going to work fine. I'm slightly concerned about
Dual-processor AMD which I'm looking into, but I would not buy a Celeron
today. Go Althon XP+ or P4 only in the Intel world. Or just use what you
have around until you get your footing, and then buy something new then.

Best of luck,

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] A Newbie's New System?


> I also use an Audiophile 2496. That's 4 in - 4 out for about
$150-$175. Two analog and two s/pdif.

I could live with that. I do want S/PDIF for interfacing with my
external decoder, the SB on my Windows machine, and my MiniDisc
machine. Old-fashioned analog would be nice because I could connect
directly to my old-fashioned analog mixer.

But I don't see any Linux drivers for the 2496.

If I could get away with AMD, I probably would. Otherwise, I'd
consider plunking for a 1.8 GHz Celeron. Since my two main Windows
computers are running ASUS boards, I certainly have nothing against
ASUS. I just want to head off as many incompatibilities as I can up



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