[linux-audio-user] programmable dsp box?

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] programmable dsp box?
From: Will Benton (willb_AT_cs.wisc.edu)
Date: Sat Sep 21 2002 - 18:24:37 EEST

Hey, all. I was just browsing and saw the Soundart Chameleon, which
looks like a really cool toy. Unfortunately, the development tools are
windows-only. I'm sure that I could run at least some of them under
wine/vmware, but I'm not too interested in

  1. buying a Windows license to get DLLs that I need to run some
program properly under Wine (or at all under vmware), or
  2. paying $700 for a hardware device from a company that refuses to
support Linux or release the code for their compilers (especially since
their business model is explicitly stated as "give away compilers for
free, so people will make applications and we can sell chameleons").

My other concern is that I'm going to buy a powerbook soon (probably
dual-booting OS X and Linux), so having an open-source toolchain would
make it much less painful to switch back and forth between my big
computer and my portable. Finally, it's been 7 or 8 years since I've
done any software development in a Windows environment, and I don't
think I could go back without a lot of pain, now that I'm so used to
having the standard Unix tools. (Yeah, I know about cygwin/etc, and I'm
not trying to start another Linux/Windows flamefest :-)

What other programmable dsp boxes (preferably using the gcc toolchain)
are there? I'm interested in something like the Chameleon, a
rackmountable box with a DSP engine, LCD, control knobs/buttons and
audio and midi ins-and-outs. Obviously, the "rackmountable" requirement
is least important, but it would be nice, since there's a lot of cruft
on/around my desk in the basement. :-)


Will Benton <willb_AT_cs.wisc.edu>

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