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Subject: Re: [Re: [linux-audio-user] building the dream Linux music box]
From: Brian Redfern (
Date: Fri Nov 08 2002 - 01:58:41 EET

Well, I use the audiophile 24/96, but the delta 10/10 has the external
dac. I still need to save up for a nice condensor mike and a digital mixer
to get all the functionality from the audiophile, right now I use a little
line level mixer and do my recording directly into an asrx sampler with an
SM 57 mike, which has given me decent results. I use the audiophile just
to record the sound off of my synths, since I still do most of my
composition via midi. Midiman openly supports Linux, which is really rare
for a sound hardware maker, so that's why I chose them over the
Hammerfall, but I've read that Paul Davis has had some really good results
with the hammerfall.

Brian "Asapien" Redfern
linux digital turntablism

On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, Kristofer Bergstrom wrote:

> Thank you all so much for your input! The information is really
> appreciated. Sorry to be vague and lead us off onto mics (although that info
> too was much appreciated.) I'll be recording a wide range of things (taiko
> drums, stringed instruments, singing, found sound) so will eventually need a
> number of microphones. Right now I've only got a Shure SM57 due to lack of
> funds. Hopefully this will change. :)
> I'm glad to hear that people think a setup or something similar would do the
> trick. Brian brought up the Midiman soundcard, saying it's easy to setup.
> And I'm always happy to support companies who put a Penguin on their box. RME
> has been a little stand-offish.
> Does anyone have any thoughts about the Hammerfall card vs the Midiman card?
> It looks to me like the Hammerfall card is a little more high end but if you
> have an external AD/DA converter, maybe it doesn't matter? Maybe ease of
> setup is more important than the few extra bells and whistles? I'll admit
> that I don't know what a lot of the specs mean for either card. Paul Davis of
> Ardour fame strongly recommended the Hammerfall cards but listening to Brian's
> music at his homepage, it sounds like he's getting great results with the
> MidiMan setup he's using too. Here are some links I've found:
> Anyway, any thoughts from Hammerfall and MidiMan users out there?
> Thanks again everyone!
> Kris Bergstrom
> P.S. Brian, are you the same Brian I met at the LA LUG meeting a few weeks
> ago? If so I've been trying to track down your e-mail. There aren't too many
> Linux DJs out there and I'd love to hear more of what you've been doing.
> ____________________________________________________________________

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