[linux-audio-user] Audio Quality HOWTO Wiki Re: (was: usb audio sound quality)

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] Audio Quality HOWTO Wiki Re: (was: usb audio sound quality)
From: Jack O'Quin (joq_AT_io.com)
Date: Sat Nov 09 2002 - 05:47:42 EET

Paul Winkler <pw_lists_AT_slinkp.com> writes:

> On Fri, Nov 08, 2002 at 07:13:45PM -0600, Jack O'Quin wrote:
> > Darn! I wish we had some way to collect all this information about
> > noise, low latency and other system configuration issues somewhere.
> > Finding what works and what doesn't from searching mailing list
> > archives is difficult and frustrating.
> I could set up a wiki with almost no effort.
> Would that do the trick?

That sounds like an excellent idea.

> > I'm imagining some sort of web database of system hardware and
> > software configurations with some indication of associated latency,
> > reliability, and noise levels. It would be interesting to look for
> > patterns in the data.
> a wiki wouldn't be as smooth as what you're describing
> but it would at least provide a way that users could add comments
> on various hardware. could have a page for each soundcard,
> a page for each video card, etc. Adding pages is easy.
> If a wiki would not do, let's figure out the requirements
> and i could maybe throw something else together.

My suggestion was just off-the-cuff, and probably too structured to be
workable. Your approach seems much more doable, and would probably
help a lot of folks. Plus, your web site is someplace people will
logically look for this kind of information.

IMHO, the ALSA Wiki has become a valuable resource. I don't know if
that's because of "wiki-ness" or because some smart people put
significant effort into it. But, I suspect the latter. :-)

Patrick's suggestion about linking this information into the ALSA
soundcard matrix is a good idea. Of course, not everything will be
about sound cards. Other issues include: disk tuning, file systems,
window managers, video cards, motherboards, multiprocessor issues, PCI
interrupt priorities, kernel versions and patches, etc., etc. I think
it's going to be tricky to organize all this information so people can
find what they need. A powerful search facility may be required.

I know almost nothing about administering wikis. What problems did
you encounter?

I imagine that, like most things, it takes a lot of effort and
attention to keep it going in a useful direction. If you want to do
this, I'll gladly help. Maybe a small team could keep each
individual's burden down to a tolerable level.

Where would be a good place to begin? A laborious search of various
mailing list archives might be helpful, though that seems like a big
job. I suppose the wiki approach is to create an overall structure
and ask people to contribute their own experiences in their own words.


  Jack O'Quin
  Austin, Texas, USA

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