Re: [linux-audio-user] Big professional tiMIDIty patchset.. Any interrest ?

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Big professional tiMIDIty patchset.. Any interrest ?
From: Dave Phillips (
Date: Fri Nov 29 2002 - 15:12:54 EET

Roel de Wit wrote:

> I am one of two persons in Utopia Sound Division, makers of profesionally
> sounding (and commercial) soundfonts since 1996...
> [snip]

Hi Roel: Thanks for writing to this list, hopefully we can help you make
a good decision.

> What we've planned is a patchset sounding very similar to our current Utopia
> Live! soundfonts currently available for the SB Live! and Audigy soundcards
> (for information and MP3s check our website to get an idea what I'm talking
> about.). Since I noticed that tiMIDIty is still widely used these days in
> the Linux community I thought it might be a good idea to build a GM/GS
> patchset for tiMIDIty from scrap. <--- !

I think you mean "from scratch". ;)

My first question for you is: How would your set improve upon the
available Midia PAT set or the Fluid SF2 soundfonts ? Can you give some
technical details (i.e., how they've been recorded, layered, etc.) ? I
would pay for an outstanding set of soundfonts. They're used in some
very cool Linux audio software, for instance:

  iiwusynth (softsynth)
  Swami (SF2 editor, very good!)
  Csound (software sound synthesis environment)
  TiMidity++ (well, you know about TiMidity...)
  Snd (soundfile editor with support for SF2)
  MusE (MIDI sequencer with iiwusynth support)

and others, so I think you might find some market here.

> Basically my questions are:
> - If you are a MIDI enthusiast of any form are you interrested in such a
> product if it truly stands out. With interrested I mean, would you be
> willing to buy it it would be developed ?


> - If you are a MIDI enthusiast but are not willing to pay for a product like
> this, do you think others would be.

Hard to say. Commercial Linux audio software has not fared well so far,
but that's due to a rather complicated set of circumstances.

> - What do you dislike or like about current tiMIDIty patchsets ?

The Midia PAT set is of uneven quality, but it's quite serviceable. One
big complaint I have with it is the format itself: AFAIK there's no PAT
editor for Linux.

Fluid seems better prepared, but I haven't explored the set as fully as
the Midia PATs. And of course for editing SF2 we have Josh Green's
wonderful Swami.

> - Can anybody tell me what is and what is not correctly supported currently
> in tiMIDIty regarding SF2 files (we are trying to decide between the .PAT
> and .SF2 format). I've done some tests which have not been too promising
> with the SF2 format but I'm still considering it since .PAT files only allow
> single layered (mono) instruments.

Hopefully Josh Green and/or Peter Hanappe will jump in here, they
probably know the most about soundfonts on this list.
> I'd appreciate any comment on this email (either negative or positive)..
> I hope that I've not crossed any rules in this mailinglist (I've been very
> careful to avoid doing so) since I really need some feedback for MIDI
> enthusiasts in the Linux community to decide whether or not it has any use
> for use to develop such a product.

We must have quite a prickly reputation ! ;)

Seriously, thank you for your concern re: etiquette. I hope the feedback
is positive enough for your company to pursue this venture.

Best regards,

== Dave Phillips

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