Re: [linux-audio-user] Acid for Linux ?

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Acid for Linux ?
From: Linium (
Date: Sun Dec 08 2002 - 20:58:49 EET

Le Dimanche 8 Décembre 2002 09:45, vous avez écrit :
> If you want to achieve similar things in Linux to what you can do with
> ACID then you have to learn the Un*x paradigm. Essentially *everything*
> is modular. Now we have Jack which allows you to connect multiple apps.
> When used together they are capable of doing as much if not more than ACID.
> While you currently find the interface in ACID to be designed for the
> way your mind works, if you want to use Linux apps successfully you will
> have to get used to this new mindset, design your own, or convince the
> creators of ACID to port to Linux.

Acid could be a part as well of that Unix paradigm. It is not a all-in-one
big app like Logic audio or Cubase SX with midi sequencer, audio editor,
multitrack DAW, softsynth etc..

No, in fact acid is primary a tool to gather all the audio bits you have on
your HD.

It means that an app like acid is quite complementary with all the little
audio apps, very focused on one specific task, as thoses you named in your
mail, since you can produce a lot of samples with them as raw materials for a
latter usage.

See Acid as a cousin of a multitrack editor. There are multitracks editor for
"post-production" (not sure that word exist in english ;) like Samplitude and
Protools which are intended to edit the tracks you record from a band. The
creative process is finished and you want to make the existing stuff to sound
as good as possible.
And there are multitracks editor to create from scratch (or rather from audio
samples of your choice) , "Acid" and "Magic Maker" are tools that fit in this

So as you see, there is no contradiction with the Unix way of life... it is
just that this kind of tools are not yet represented in our world.


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