Re: [linux-audio-user] GSG for home studio? (Newbie question)

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] GSG for home studio? (Newbie question)
From: Jan \ (
Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 01:57:25 EET


        I just went through the same thing. I wrote it all up - - with a
justification of the gear I bought in the introduction. Also some good
HW links.

On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 16:57, Chris wrote:
> Vexing questions:
> 1) How important is a da-ad converter, and how much must one spend on this?
        External is better just from a noise point of view.

> 2) What does one look for in a soundcard. Is it necessary to invest $600
> in one -- I mean, where is all that money really going? What makes a card
> like the hammerfall so great? How much on these cards is "fluff" and how
> much is really practical for just recording.

        Check the web page above.

> 3) Do people actually use fiber for their lines? Or is this super-duper
> high end stuff?

        Got me. I don't but then I don't have a digital mixer either.

> 4) I have spent some time on some sites of card manufacturers... and I
> can't quite piece together how multiple inputs work on the cards... is it a
> one for one deal (one input = one channel), or is their some software or
> hardware that allows for more than one channel per input?

        Generally 1 input = 1 channel however some cards have two different
types of inputs for a pair of channels. The DSP 2000 has two XLR
ins/outs OR two 1/4 inch ins/outs for channels 1 and 2.

> 5) how good is open-source software for effects processing... I saw
> something on the ardour site saying that it does not support "plugins"...
> (due to lack of a standard)... does that mean no effects?

        LADSPA plugin effects, Steve Harris' are the best. There are quite a

> 6) What do you guys do for a drum machine solution, is software adequate or
> do you really recommend getting a drum machine?

        I'm cheating, I'm using my el cheapo RP100 to dump a drum track as a
"click track" and then I get my drummer to record something "real" when
I get finished recording my bit.

> 7) Does everybody go direct on this, or do they mic their amps (I am
> primarily a guitar player). How do you keep the sound quality up if you
> are direct?

        I do both depending on the sound I'm looking for. I always mic the amp
for my harp but I'll use direct on guitar sometimes.

> 8) I want to build a **QUIET** machine... Any suggestions on computer
> hardware? (I have bought from quietpc, and found that some of the stuff
> was no quieter than normal --even louder some times).
        Don't know for sure. I don't even know how you'd find out from a
vendor. My system is not exactly quiet but it's not bad. More fans =
more noise.

> I have a marshall jmp-1 preamp with a valvestate 8008, a RockTron
> intellifex, proq and guitar silencer (all rackmount) on top of a marshall
> jcm-900 lead-1960. I would be sad to see some of it go, but since I am not
> performing, I would be willing sell some off if there is better stuff for
> home recording. I would only need about 4 simultaneous inputs.

        The midiman Delta 44 or 66 might be your best bet for a 4 (analog)
input card 24/96 although the converters are onboard.

> Excluding the pc I must build, I would like to try to keep the price around
> $1000 (including the sound card). Is this realistic? I might spend more
> if I wind up selling some of my current equipment.

        I gutted my previous system for the hard drives and CDRW. Then I
bought a new case, AZZA MB, AMD Athlon XP 1700+, 256MB memory, and A
DSP2000 for a total of about $700.

Jan Depner

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