Re: [linux-audio-user] not quite so simple.... mandrake 9.0 +devfs help!!

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] not quite so simple.... mandrake 9.0 +devfs help!!
From: iriXx (
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 23:42:14 EET

hi kevin
thanks heaps... unfortunately the alsa guide on your tutorials page
doesnt seem to have a link?.... would you mind giving me the direct
link?.... thankx heaps
i've got new kernel and new rpms... although i'd be quite interested in
your preempt kernel if its available.....
going to give it a go... just got to rewrite modules.conf now i think


kevin ernste wrote:
> i think if im gonna go with tarballs,
>>which is easier for me
>>to understand, then ive gotta figure out some way of
>>removing *all* of
>>the alsa libs from mandrake.... otherwise there are
>>thousands of apps
>>that complain when i try to do rpm -e libalsa2 for
> That's fine. Fi these are merely alsa conflicts
> (which you are trying to resolve anyway) then you can
> do rpm -e --force to ignore those conflicts.
>>hmm... it might be worth me tryig the second
>>in which case i'd need to update kernel and get
>>latest rpms from
>>mandrake cooker?... and thats all i need to do?...
>>then just modprobe as usual?.... scuse obvious
>>questions but i havent
>>done alsa from rpms before ;-)...
> There are docs for this on the Mandrake User pages.
> If you do this, do "rpm -ivh, NOT rpm -Uvh which will
> overwrite the old kernel. This is generally a bad
> idea unless you KNOW the new kernel will work. You
> also need to run lilo afterwards to make sure it sees
> the new image.
> I am also planning on releasing a kernel with the
> preemption patches, but it uses 2.4.19, and the rc2
> alsa stuff. If you would like, I could send that
> along instead of the cooker.
>>are you running your mandrake builds for ECMC from
>>rpms or tarballs?...
> Neither. I am using the default modules that came
> with Mandrake 9. The Turn-key package merely installs
> the libs-devel and utils for ALSA, the modules are
> already there and require only a modification of
> modules.conf. I just posted a new ALSA help page on
> my site, linked from the insallation instructions.
> You can go there to see my process.
>>im in the process of downloading your turnkey audio,
>>it looks really
>>good and i'd like to run it as its built for mdk 9.0
>>- its probably a
>>good idea if i work on the same system as yours....
> Well, I think it is a pretty good system, and it works
> for me. Once you get the ALSA stuff going, the rest
> should be a snap.
> Kevin
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