[linux-audio-user] ams, jackd & X as root? on debian

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] ams, jackd & X as root? on debian
From: Eric Dantan Rzewnicki (eric_AT_zhevny.com)
Date: Fri Dec 27 2002 - 05:41:32 EET


I have jack installed and working now. So, now I'm trying to get
AlsaModularSynth compiled and running. Has anyone else accomplished this
in debian stable (woody)?

I installed libqt3-mt (along w/everything it depended upon), fftw-dev,
fftw2, sfftw-dev, sfftw2 and ladspa-sdk to get ladspa.h. I've tried to
edit the top of make_ams to agree with the location of the qt3 libs, bin
and include directories on my system as best as I could figure ... but
I'm not sure I got it right:


it seems to compile OK when I do:

make -f make_ams

though there are a lot of warnings about comparing signed to unsigned
and other warnings that flew by. Are these benign?

Anyway. I end up with an executable ams. When I run ./ams I get this:

./ams: error while loading shared libraries: libjack.so.0: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory

I have that in /usr/local/lib/libjack.so.0 so creating this link appears
to help:

box1:/usr/lib# ln -s /usr/local/lib/libjack.so.0 libjack.so.0

Is that the correct sollution?

but, now:

box1:/home/eric/audio_code/ams-1.5.5# ./ams
ams: cannot connect to X server

I assume this is because X is running as me (eric) and not as root. I'll
try getting out of X and starting it as root as soon as I finish writing
this message. But, is there a way to let root connect to the X server
that's running as eric?

I was sort of ok (well, not really, but I'm giving it a try) with the
idea of running jackd and its clients as root ... but, running X as
root, too? that makes me more nervous, somehow... maybe I shouldn't be
nervous about that ... I'm not sure.

anyway. i'll give it a shot with a root X session.

I'm thinking that maybe I should patch and recompile the kernel and
recompile jack to enable capabilities so I don't have to run as root.

Do those of you running jackd as root also run your X session as root?

Thanks for listening,
Eric Rz.

PS If all of this has been covered before and my questions are annoying
you, feel free to send me to the archives. I try to follow jackit-devel,
but most of it seemed to go over my head before I actually started to
try it. So, re-reading the past couple months would probably do me some
good now that I have the real thing in front of me. -edrz

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