Re: [linux-audio-user] 24-track setup question

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] 24-track setup question
From: tim hall (
Date: Sun Jul 11 2004 - 16:46:36 EEST

Last Sunday 11 July 2004 00:01, R Parker was like:
> > I'm using ardour 0.9beta11.2-2 on Debian testing and
> > a Midiman Audiophile 2496
> > soundcard.
> That version of Ardour is pretty old. I'm not a Debian
> user so I can't help with any of upgrade issues. I was
> gonna suggest you upgrade but you are new to linux
> that might not be the best advice. If that version of
> Ardour has the features you need for learning and
> working on your sessions don't bother. A 1.0 stable
> release is expected soon enough that you could wait
> for it.

Hmm, this is a bit problematical.
Ardour is probably changing too fast for Debian packagers to keep up with at a
guess. If a stable release is on the horizon it's probably best for all of us
to wait (that will be at _least_ two months for a Debian package to appear
[0] ;-) I assume anyone following Ardour's development on Debian is compiling
from CVS, which puts it out of range for newbies. That, and I'd also guess
that a lot of Debian users would be happy to continue using ecasound.

Well, that's true for me, anyway. I shouldn't generalise about others. I look
at Ardour occasionally, sigh and think 'this is going to be _Magnificent_ -
when it's finished'. Right now I wouldn't commit an important project to it.
All in all, that's a fat lot of use to Sebastian. If it's a straightforward
build, installing a more recent snapshot to /usr/local/bin/ might be an
option. It depends how much of a learning curve you're ready for ;-]

A stable release on the horizon is indeed good news. I'd love to see Debian
Sarge go stable including stable versions of ALSA, JACK, Rosegarden and
Ardour, I think it would be kind of neat. It would also provide a solid,
reliable and user-friendly production environment (albeit with no guarantees,
of course ;-). I'm not really expecting to see this manifest before the
autumn. I think it will represent a major milestone in Linux Audio
development, which is good enough for me, I have enough work to do just
remastering some of my old stuff with JAMin and preparing new MIDI files. I
have yet to get deeply into multitracking, so I'll probably shut up at this
point (again, no guarantees ;-).


tim hall

[0] if (length of time it takes one person with no free time to compile and
package an application for 13 different architectures > length of time
between minor releases) : Is it worth trying to keep up with frequent beta

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