[linux-audio-user] WONDER release

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] WONDER release
From: Marije Baalman (lists_AT_nescivi.de)
Date: Thu Jul 15 2004 - 00:03:52 EEST


I am happy to announce the first release of WONDER.

The program WONDER (Wave field synthesis of new dimensions of
electronic music in realtime) is designed to provide an interface
between a wave field synthesis system and the software or hardware
composers and performers of electronic music are used to. The program
is still in development and trying to reach its eventual goal step by step.
The current version (v2.0) allows the user to either create a
composition for the movement of the sound sources in his composition
or to control the movements in realtime, either via the gui or via
open sound control.
The program is released under the GNU General public license. Feedback
and bug reports are very welcome: wonder_AT_nescivi.de
The program is created by Marije Baalman and Daniel Plewe (OSC
implementation) and is developed in the Electronic Studio of the TU

WONDER is created for Linux (X11) and uses the
 Free Qt-Libraries (v3.0.2b or higher),
 libOSC++ libraries and
 BruteFIR (v0.99n or higher).
Basic installation info can be found in the package in the INSTALL
text. The README file lists some extra requirements and necessary
 adaptations for BruteFIR.
Furthermore a soundcard with a lot of outputs and a lot of speakers
 are required, to make practical use of the program.

At: http://gigant.kgw.tu-berlin.de/~baalman/
you will find a description of what Wave Field Synthesis is and under:
program - download
you will be able to download the program as a tar-ball.
The manual with screenshots is also online.

The software is by far not yet bug-free, but in my experience it is
usable and generally it does not crash when running the audio (except
if external conflicts happen or the processor is overloaded). See the
KNOWBUGS file that comes with the package...

Marije Baalman


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