Re: SPAM-LOW: Re: [linux-audio-user] "Made with Linux" List?

From: Arnold Krille <arnold@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue May 31 2005 - 22:01:27 EEST

On Tuesday 31 May 2005 20:08, Greg Wilder wrote:
> Would it be beneficial for LAU to encourage users to post music made
> with Linux (including reviews/comments/suggestions) to another list
> already created for this purpose?

That would mean that I will miss music made with linux-audio. :-(

There is lad for devel-purposes, now once again we discuss about sending music
to other lists, maybe we could encourage to use the corresponding -user lists
and not ask user questions here. Of course there are the alsa-lists for all
the hardware and driver issues. => No more traffic here. => Shut down this
list, no one will miss it!


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