Re: SPAM-LOW: Re: [linux-audio-user] "Made with Linux" List?

From: Arnold Krille <arnold@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 01:50:39 EEST

Hi all,

On Wednesday 01 June 2005 15:46, you wrote:
> > There is lad for devel-purposes, now once again we discuss about
> > sending music to other lists, maybe we could encourage to use the
> > corresponding -user lists and not ask user questions here. Of course
> > there are the alsa-lists for all the hardware and driver issues. =>
> > No more traffic here. => Shut down this list, no one will miss it!
> linux-audio-dev: how to write audio software with linux
> linux-audio-user: hot to use linux audio software

No, ardour-user, qsynth-user, zynaddsubfx-user, aeolus-user, qjackctl-user,
jack-user, etc... No need for linux-audio-user!

> linux-audio-announce: linux audio software announcements (why do i
> always get announcements to from lad/lau ?!?)
> so what about:
> linux-audio-music: if you want to know about "made with linux" music
> or what about:
> music: if you want to know about music in general (not limited to an os)
> electroacoustic, country&western, drum'n'bass, acousmatics or whatever
> you like?

I think there are several forums / newsgroups for general (and not so general)
music topics, so there is no reason to start a new list for general music =>
linux-audio-music remains, which is bad as the music presented on that list
wouldn't be different from what is presented on general lists.

So why should the music stay on lau?

Because app-devels read lau as well. To help people, to read about their
problems and their success with the apps. And the success in audio is music
created with linux-audio-apps. Without the positive feedback of the music
there would be more bad than positive feedback for the devels which can be
really discouraging...



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