[linux-audio-user] Nth California / Bay area Linus Audio users...

From: Russell Hanaghan <hanaghan@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 17:51:09 EEST

I'll dig out the limited mailing list we were using for meeting
organization to keep this off the main list. I simply wanted to ensure
there were not others that we might have previously missed.

THis is an Invitation.

Dates to be confirmed but either 1st or last weekend in August or 2nd
week in September at this point there will be a live jam session outdoor
concert in Los Banos, CA>

It is a family affair....Starts Saturday noon...for those who like to
help tweak sound reinforcement systems...Music should roll about 5:00pm.

There is camping space, motels in Los Banos at reasonable prices. About
12 or so musicians right now...Drum kit is provided...We may set 2 up
but stage will probably be a 12 ft flatbed truck! There will be an array
of Guitar amps...My own Boogie Mk II C+, Musicman RP112, Carvin half
stack, Small but usefull 60 wat Fender Bass amp. There will be
keyboards of undefined name at this point etc.

Basically, this has little to do with Linux Audio other than I DO intend
on capturing the whole thing in Ardour on at least 8 Live tracks thru my
Delta 1010LT. I may set up some synth stuff for a keyboard player.Most
of my friends know I do this but have only heard talk. This will be an
opportunity to show them some of the recent stuff in Linux.

This will be hot, dusty to some degree (we will water the grounds, and
you need to bring your own food, drink, etc. I am providing the venue
with power (25 kva genset with power filtering), Clean toilet
facilities, and all of the soundstage stuff. It will not be overlly
flash...just VERY REAL! We will have a bunch of Network folks from my
work and bikers (Non Drinking Bikers if you can believe that!!:) ) to
anyone who is interested. Because we picked this remote location, we
WILL not be bothered with Neighbors, police or noise ordinance. We can
jam ALL night if we choose! And then crash in your tent! OR...we will
have designated drivers that will ferry folks 15 minutes in Los Banos to
their motel room. I dont want any drink drivers!! This is right near
Interstate 5 and that's a BAD road to be drunk on!

If there's enough intersted Linux guys, we might just carve out a demo
slot in the somewhat loose schedule to put a simple demo together. There
will be enough interested folks there to do that for.

In the spirit of open source software....this gig is FREE~ :) But, there
will be considerable expense when I'm done for a jam session. We will
pass the hat round during the event but contributions are not expected
or obligatory in any way.

Contact me directly if interested. Come one, Come all!!!
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