Re: [linux-audio-user] mic preamp recommendations ?

From: Clement Yonkers <cyonkers@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jun 07 2005 - 18:25:47 EEST

> I'd like to know what my fellow LAUyers recommend for a mic preamp for
> use with the following gear:
> mics:
> Shure SM58
> Yamaha MZ106s
> interfaces:
> M-Audio Delta 66
> PDAudioCF PCMCIA digital input card
> The gear is used for desktop recording, so I'd like to keep the cost
> low. Like, really low... ;)

Mic pre's on the cheap....

My first choice might be the Studio Projects VTB1. My next door neighbor
(we both have home studios) has one of these and I have had the
opportunity to use it in many situations -all of which I was impressed!
First as mic pre in this price range, I don't think you can beat it. It
also functions excellently as a direct box for "warming up" keyboards, or
recording bass or guitar direct.
Check out the review at Mojo Pie,
and of course the Studio Projects web site,
They are certainly cheap - $99.00 each at zZounds,

Another option would be the PAiA "Tube Head" Tube Microphone Pre-amp kit.
I have two channels which have been heavily modded and I like them a lot,
although they might not appeal to everyone.

If you choose this route, I would suggest the following:
Check out, and incorporate these mods
Pull the "symmetry" trim pot off the circuit board and mount a pot on the
front panel. The "Symmetry" trim pot controls the amount of odd or even
harmonics (warmer <-> colder tube sound), and can do a lot in helping you
shape your sound. You may need to use a case with slightly more front
panel space to allow for the additional pot.
Check out

BTW if you are not currently reading Tape-Op, you should be - besides it's
(still) free!

My 2-cents
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