Re: [linux-audio-user] Midi Usb interface

From: Dave Phillips <dlphillips@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 15:19:14 EEST


  Since my desktop machine is down for a while I'm really digging into
what's possible on my laptop. I have a MidiSport 2x2 on the USB port, it
works like a champ when I want to drive the external rack gear.
Configuring the 2x2 is easy-easy, I wrote a little shell script to load
the firmware after I start an X session, it works fine. And like many
others on this list I must also thank Clemens Ladisch for his valuable

  However, all is not joy and rapture here in Linux MIDIland. There are
some annoyances I'd like to resolve, perhaps some of you can suggest
some resolutions to these problems:

    1. I put the USB driver on the blacklist in /etc/hotplug/blacklist
to force a particular ordering of my cards. I load the driver and
firmware with this script:

        echo "Loading MidiSport firmware..."
        modprobe snd-usb-audio
        fxload -I /usr/share/usb/ezusbmidi/ezusbmidi2x2.ihx -D
        echo "Done !"

    Can I automate this so I don't have to use the script ? It's not a
big deal, but it would eliminate a small step in setting up my system.

    2. The firmware script requires a USB ID. Is there some way to have
the script find that number, instead of me having to look it up via 'cat
/proc/bus/usb' ?

    3. More of a seq24 problem, but: When I start seq24 and load a
previous session I *must* have my synths loaded in their original order,
else I have to reassign every sequence port/channel to the new ordering,
which can be a real pain. Is there anyone else who would like to see
more flexibility in relocating device numbers ? I'm thinking that it's
much easier to redefine one device's ID than to redefine potentially
hundreds of sequence patterns.

  So it's back to the hack, and I hope everyone else has as much fun as
I'm having with contemporary Linux MIDI.



Clemens Ladisch wrote:

>Frank smith wrote:
>>Whats the best midi/usb interface for Linux.
>All interfaces from Edirol, ESI, Yamaha, and M-Audio, and the
>Audiotrak XP MIDI Mate work. With the latest ALSA 1.0.9, Emagic
>interfaces and the MOTU Fastlane work, too.
>All M-Audio interfaces except the 2x4 need the firmware loader from
><> (which seems to be included with
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