[linux-audio-user] ZynAddSubFX CPU usage

From: James McDermott <jamesmichaelmcdermott@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 17:39:23 EEST

Has anyone noticed strange CPU-usage patterns when running ZynAddSubFX?

I'm running DeMuDi 1.2.1-rc2 and Zyn (compile date May 18) from DeMuDi
apt-get, and Jack is using 2 periods of length 1024 (it's an old
machine, hence the high latency). Things work ok with other synths.

Sometimes the CPU usage reported by QJackCtl is very low - less than
2% - while running Zyn (and while it's producing sounds, even on more
than one channel). Other times CPU usage rises to 20% and more (even
if I switch all notes off), and I start to see xruns and hear lots of

I *think* that changing patches sometimes triggers the change from one
mode to the other, but I can't reproduce it. I've tried experimenting
with turning on and off eg the reverb module, the Add, Sub, and Pad
synth modules, turning on and off notes and channels, but I can't see
a pattern to the CPU usage.

Any ideas anyone? I'd love to solve this problem, cos I want to use
Zyn for a gig on Sunday!
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