[linux-audio-user] Analysis tools: RTA and MLS

From: Jody Noury <jody.noury@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 15:29:09 EEST

Hi all,

I'm new to this list, Linux daily user near 3 years ago but pretty new
in audio work and my mother-lang is french :)

I'm looking for pointer about sound analysis, the principal aim is to be
able to analyse sound system response.

I have a friend who is sound technician, he is using a win32 apps to
measure loudspeaker response, this apps uses Maximum Length Sequence
measurement and FFT to avoid it.

I have not found an equivalent tools running under linux, I've found
fftw lib but don't know how to use it :o

Is someone use real time analyser to align his sound system ?


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