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From: MarC <marc_lists@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jun 12 2005 - 18:29:52 EEST

>>First off, I think jack-rack is awesome app and I have been
>>using it quite regularly.
>Seconded. It made me unpack my acoustic guitar which I haven't
>played for years. Great fun, except for my neighbours :) .
I totally agree. I think that one of the candidates to start the
real-life Linux Audio Revolution for non-computer-geek-musicians are the
acoustic guitar + realtime LADSPA effects and of course the outstanding
zynaddsubfx patches for the keyboard players. (For the electric guitar
disto, I have finally assumed that analog rules.)
But yes I think that before we should try to solve some problems of
usability for live-use... now there's too much mouse-work.

>>As a result, I've come up with a
>>small suggestion/wish-list for this wonderful app:
>>1) it would be awesome if jack-rack, once it gets bounced
>>by jackd (for whatever reason), would have an option to
>>restart with the same, already open settings file, while
>>recreating existing connections.
>Seconded again. This would not only be useful for jack-rack
>but for many other applications as well.
yes, again, I agree. I suggested that for the qjackctl.
there's a partial implementation of the idea with patchbay (the
automatic connection of some applications) but maybe with your feedback
we could explain to the developpers what we are missing. I'm not a
native english speaker and i've got some problems to be really precise...

>>I am simply saying this as
>>it has been quite stressful to have to close the app,
>>reopen it, open the settings file, and then re-hook
>>everything in jack right before the performance (and nearly
>>impossible during one) when the clock is ticking and
>>audience getting restless. :-)
>The situation is getting worse if you use more than one app
>and you have to restart JACK itself. Then you have to reload
>a lot of files into all applications and to redo a lot of
>MIDI and JACK connections. If each particular application
>could (maybe optionally) remember
>* the last loaded file
>* the last used MIDI connections
>* the last used JACK connections
>this could simplify the usage a lot.
>Because applications can even crash, the settings mentioned
>above could be written to the configuration file immediately
>when changing them ("crash saveness" as Ardour provides).
we're all waiting for the ardour 1.0 which is slowly becoming a reality
and will fix all this...

>Furthermore, from a users POV I wonder if it would be possible
>to redesign the JACK-thread of an application so it doesn't
>need to be restarted as soon the JACK connection gets lost.
>Wouldn't it be possible to make an application automatically
>reconnecting to JACK as soon as it got kicked, and as soon as
>JACK gets stopped or restarted to display an alert box "It
>seems that JACK has been stopped. Waiting for JACK to
>It may sound like nitpicking, but for users, especially new
>users, the points above could really be one little more step
>to improve linux audio usage.
I think that this is not a problem of jack but a problem of the
applications which use it. Actually ardour already has a mechanism to
reconnect to jack when it loses its connection. Now it doesn't work
(beta29) ;( but it seems that in the future will do so.
I don't know... Any jack expert could help to see what should be done to
fix this?

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