[linux-audio-user] Hig load when running rt-preemt/rlimits kernel.

From: Frode Haugsgjerd <froh@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 22:43:38 EEST

First, i whant to say thanks to the developers of OSS audio apps.
I'm having great fun making smal tunes w. my guitars
Ardour,Hydrogen,Muse,Zynaddsubfx,LADSPA and more. I have rebuilt these
and others for Ubuntu if anyone is interested.

My box never goes below 1.0 load when idle when i run my homegrown
realtime-preempt kernel. If i run Ubuntu's stock kernel the load is near
zero. Ardour and jack perform ok, no xruns with my old (-98) SB Live
(10,7msec latency). But the system feels sluggish. I get the same 1+
load when booting with init=/bin/bash too.

Distro: Ubuntu Warty
2.6.12-rc4 w. realtime-preempt-2.6.12-rc4-V0.7.47-01
Pam patched w. rlimtits. Compiled from steambaloon source.(0.76-24)
Celleron 2.2 and 512 RAM

Frode Haugsgjerd <froh@email-addr-hidden>
Received on Wed Jun 15 00:15:19 2005

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