[linux-audio-user] Pure Data and kernel -> freeeeeze!

From: <columbiatwo@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Jun 17 2005 - 11:52:21 EEST

Hello everyone.

I decided to upgrade to a 2.6.11 kernel following the advices Maarten de Boer
and Pau Arumi who gave a nice presentation at AES 2005.

I was previously running a 2.6.8 kernel and everything was fine with my Asus
L2000D laptop (SiS soundchip onboard running Trident4D ALSA driver, Evolution
UC33 MIDI controller up and running). The only lack was realtime audio. I never
dared taking the first step into realtime kernel tuning.

I upgraded to the 2.6.11 using make oldconfig and tuning it for realtime
(Security options and other stuff). Compilation went right. I compiled Pd again
and when I tried starting it it froze the whole system: no mouse nor keyboard
control, no X response (no graphical refresh)...

I recompiled the kernel 3 or 4 times changing a few options, recompiled Pd as
well. Nothing changes: complete system freeze.

I'm running a Debian unstable, Fluxbox desktop.

Anyone got a clue on what's wrong?

Alternatively, what benefits will I really earn upgrading from 2.6.8 to 2.6.11?
Maybe I can tune my good old 2.6.8 to do realtime as good as a 2.6.11?

Cheers list.
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