Re: [linux-audio-user] What parts of Linux audio simply suck ?

From: Christoph Eckert <>
Date: Sun Jun 19 2005 - 23:50:18 EEST

> looks like dmix solves the problem

AFAIK this depends. It solves the problem for apps which want
to access the ALSA device (HW:0 etc.), but as soon as an app
tries to get OSS access via /dev/dsp DMIX cannot do
softwaremixing. Maybe I'm wrong, but AFAIK such apps need to
be started with the aoss wrapper. And no user starts mozilla
as "aoss mozilla", does he?

> but it seems like it's
> not that easy to set it up (I haven't tried since I have
> soundcard with hw support for multiple channels).

AFAIK the latest ALSA and kernel brings DMIX per default
without the need to create an asoundrc.

Best regards

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