[linux-audio-user] Re: What parts of Linux audio simply  ...

From: David Baron <d_baron@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 18:06:32 EEST


1. I think we can use nicer language and manners on these lists. Yes, some
parts of Linux audio have not YET made it to those of the other two "big
players" but it is coming along.

2. OK, my peave: No support for a perfectly good Dman2044 card. Not the
neweest, most advanced, highest bit-count and sampling speed, but ... and it
has a nice chunky breakout box. I would roll my own (parden the drug oriented
term--still nicer than profanity) if I could make heads or tails out of the
two source modules that need be combined to support this card. The approach
is entirely different.

3. Peave-2: WINE. It seems fewer and fewer legacy apps and even simpler games
run successfully. Fouls up on fonts! Thunks--run as w2k will fix that.

4. There is really no incentive to bring apps we know and love over to Linux.
These applications are for-profit sales of licenses to a limited niche-market
of Windows and Mac users. There is strength and potential profit it numbers.
Even ones which can be probably be done readily such as Tracktion will most
likely not be. One exception may be Harbal (mastering re-equalizer--his demo
runs 100% under wine and he says he will port--nice NOT to be based on
Microsoft's framework!)
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