[linux-audio-user] jackd ubuntu oddities

From: Ivica Ico Bukvic <ico@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Jun 24 2005 - 07:31:00 EEST

Hi all,

I am quite flabbergasted by this particular problem as it never was a
problem before. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate any help I can get in
this matter.

I've installed Ubuntu Hoary and then installed realtime-lsm module from the
Hoary deb repository. The realtime-lsm definitely works without a problem
and has been thoroughly tested.

If I install any audio jackd-capable app from Ubuntu Hoary deb repository,
it works just fine with jackd (which was also installed from the repository)
both real-time and non-realtime, except for the Supercollider. Jackd uses in
/tmp folder which has been mounted as tmpfs to improve performance.

I tried installing Supercollider from source and it exhibits the same
behavior as the .deb.

I did install Alsa 1.0.9 as 1.0.8 that ships with Ubuntu has some bugs in
respect to hdsp driver (although Ubuntu may have patched these, haven't
bothered to check).

When trying to connect to non-rt jackd, Supercollider works, but when
connecting to real-time enabled jackd it connects and immediately gets
disconnected reporting error that it has been "zombified" by jackd.

I tried even enabling realtime-lsm for all apps and that did not help.

Starting jackd in softmode does not help.

Now, I know that it worked just fine on Mandrake with realtime-lsm module so
I have no idea why jackd is being so picky.

Considering all the problems, I tried installing jackd from source (Hoary
has 0.99.0, so I downloaded the same) and now here is where the rub starts.
Once I install the same version jackd from source, no app from Hoary's .deb
repository works any more with it, including qjackctl. Error reported is
"could not tie an input port" or something along those lines. So, the only
thing I can do is then install all the audio apps from source to make them
work with the jackd. So here are my questions which I would greatly
appreciate your help in answering:

1. Why is this happening when both the .deb and source versions of jackd are
the same?

2. So what can I do at this point and why some apps (pd sometimes also gets
zombified) get so easily kicked from jackd while others don't?

3. Is there anything I can do to retain compatibility with the jackd-enabled
apps from .deb repository when compiling newer version of jack from the

4. What actual version of jackd is Ubuntu using? How is it altered?

5. What can I do to make jackd tolerate initial start-up delays (ironically
this has not been the problem in the past with supercollider, so at this
point I am not sure whether it is a problem with supercollider, jackd, or

6. Should recompiling kernel with low-lat and realtime patches (i.e. ck)
help solve some of these problems?

7. Any other advice that may help solve these problems would be most

Sorry for cross-posting, I am hoping that Ubuntu devs/users may be able to
answer some of these.

Many thanks!

Best wishes,

Ivica Ico Bukvic, composer & multimedia sculptor
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