[linux-audio-user] La Marmite

From: nico <ricola@email-addr-hidden-log.org>
Date: Fri Jun 24 2005 - 11:17:48 EEST

Hi, I started last year the project of an small framework for audio apps
based on JACK and LADSPA. I published it quite a while ago on :


But I'm now really doubting of the interest of this project and this
should be THE place to find answers ...

--*/--*/--*/--*/ Here is a short intro

La Marmite is a C++ framework cooked for the development of audio
applications for GNU/Linux which is based on the will of simplifying the
combined use of the standard tools JACK and LADSPA. La Marmite is free
software and published under the GNU Public License.

JACK and LADSPA are two major ingredients from the Linux audio world but
mixing them together often bury me in long hours of C coding which
rapidly oxidize my placid humour...
My idea was to construct a object-oriented environment providing a
higher level of abstraction and which allows me to concentrate on the
logic of the application and to achieve my goal faster without having
neither to bury myself in the inmost depths of the interfaces nor to
recode over and over the same routines.

Do you feel like ?

La Marmite was designed in order to create same applications, audio
toys, or autonomous audio modules which be further mixed or combined
through JACK. But only few things have been realised so far. And it
might not be well suited for larger scale applications.
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