Re: [linux-audio-user] Hardware recommendations

From: Peter Lutek <plutek@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jun 26 2005 - 01:30:33 EEST

Mike Taht wrote:
> I just picked up an edirol UA-1000 in the hope that it would "just
> work" w/Linux. The feature set looked perfect for what I wanted to do
> - 4 mic preamps, 1 high-z interface, 4 balanced line inputs, midi...
> It's not recognised properly by linux (at least, at present), and
> panics the system on removal.
> I'm going to play with it for a few days but it's already got one flaw
> that makes me want to send it back - when my laptop's plugged into
> power it feeds hum through the whole system via the usb connector.
> So I'm looking over the various bits of RME gear in the hope I can
> assemble something that WILL work under linux 'cause I'm sick of doing
> stuff in windows. It looks like the RME cardbus card (299$ US) + the
> multiface (~700$ US) will work best. I wish it came with mic preamps
> but I guess you can't have everything.
> Is there any hum issues with the RME stuff, or any alternative
> box/card/firewire/usb-2.0 thing that works well under linux that
> combines both balanced 1/4 I/O with mic pres?

no hum issues for me with the multiface.... i use it with both the pci
and cardbus interface -- nice to be able to flip it between the laptop
and desktop.


> On 6/25/05, Peter Lutek <plutek@email-addr-hidden> wrote:
>>Nathan Curry wrote:
>>>Hey all,
>>>I'm relatively new to computer audio recording, and have been using
>>>Linux for about a year and a half, and I need some recommendations as
>>>to what hardware I should get.
>>>I'm trying to set up a recording studio capable of at least recording
>>>drums (4 or 5 channels?), guitars (2 channels), bass (1 channel), and
>>>vocals (1 to 4 channels). I also need a MIDI controller. I'm looking
>>>at the RME Hammerfall line of products because of what I've heard
>>>about their compatibility with Linux.
>>>The equipment I already have is:
>>>1. A couple SM57s, as well as a set of drum mics
>>>2. An EZ-BUS (8 track mixer with optical ADAT i/o, 2 channels XLR w.
>>>phantom power), unless my friend in Mexico sold it (this will also
>>>determine whether or not he's my friend).
>>>3. A computer.
>>>My questions:
>>>1. From what I understand, the wordclock available in the 9652 models
>>>is to syncronize all the audio, and that sounds like something I need.
>>> Is this true?
>>yes, all of your digital audio devices should be clocked from one source.
>>>2. The DIGI line doesn't have MIDI, and the HDSP line does. How hard
>>>would it be to use an emu10k1 midi in and syncronize it with the rest
>>>of the audio? Is it worth the trouble?
>>don't know about that, but i use an HDSP multiface, and it is delightful
>>-- rock-solid for both midi and audio. i use it as my wordclock master
>>as well.
>>>3. I was looking at a Berhinger ADA8000, because it would provide 8
>>>channels with phantom power, and ADAT I/O. Does this look like a good
>>>idea? Any other suggestions?
>>i use an RME octamic and a focusrite octopre (both with the digital
>>option cards). they're both great. the focusrite has a basic but useful
>>dynamics section on every channel, and is perhaps slightly more "open"
>>sounding. the octamic, on the other hand, has a cool resettable peak
>>hold feature and can be operated on batteries. the multiface can also be
>>operated on batteries, so if off-the-grid portability is at all useful,
>>a laptop with multiface and octamic gets you eight channels without ac
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