Re: [linux-audio-user] Mouse speed configuration & realtime restart issue

From: Jerome Tuncer <columbiatwo@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Jul 02 2005 - 03:09:14 EEST

Thanks, I'll check that.

But what seems strange is that the module does load at startup but
doesn't seem to get the Parameters I give him via /etc/default/realtime.

What the heck is /etc/realtime config file if it isn't read at module
startup?? (-:

As I said, when restarted manually via:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/realtime restart

It works as configured in the file...

Frode Haugsgjerd a écrit :
> fre, 01,.07.2005 kl. 13.10 +0200, skrev Jerome Tuncer:
>>I know this is not really the place to ask for it but I don't think it's
>>worth subscribing to a new list just for this simple question.
>>I run fluxbox on an Asus L2000D laptop. Everything is fine except that I
>>can't set my mouse speed!!
>>I searched the holy google but nothing turned up or the solutions didn't
>>work ("xset m X Y" seems to only configure my touchpad and "Option
>>Resolution x" in XF86Config-4 doesn't do anything).
>>Anyone knows how to do that?
>>Apart from that everything's fine except that I have to do "sudo
>>/etc/init.d/realtime restart" everytime I want to run jack as normal
>>user. It doesn't seem to read quite well the /etc/default/realtime when
>>starting because this is already set to grant realtime default to all
>>users in audio group.
>>I run debian unstable, kernel 2.6.8.
> See if you have a symlink to /etc/init.d/realtime in /etc/rc2.d
> If not, have a look at the update-rc.d manpage
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