Re: [linux-audio-user] OT: Using Linux as Bass amp / preamp recommendations

From: Christoph Eckert <>
Date: Sun Jul 03 2005 - 12:03:55 EEST


> > I'm really curious what I'll get out of my linux box
> > using creox or jack-rack. I guess it will be much better
> > than I expect!
> Then you might be expecting quite a lot! :)

my linux box has surprised me more than one time :) .

> As there is no "out-of-the box guitar/bass cabinet
> simulator" LADSPA plugin and thus, you'll have to know a
> bit of what you are doing. I'm not saying that you need a
> huge amount of experience & knowledge, the willingness to
> learn is more than enough.

Well, it needs experimenting I guess. I have some basic
knowledge about effects processing (I've been playing
keyboards for a long time).

> With the current plugins we have, Linux audio has huge
> potential for building your own "amplifier" and "tone
> shaping/bending" processors. Just don't expect it to sound
> "groovy" with the presets! (lol, like we would have
> presets!)

I heard rumors that there will be presets in jack-rack ;-) .

> But my main point was this = you will not get the
> "stadium rock sound" by simply plugging in your bass. You
> probably need a combination of a compressor, eq,
> delay/chorus/reverb etc. to get the sound you want. Maybe
> even more processing, maybe less.

I simply plan to reduce the amount of external hardware.
That's why I'll try to use my linux box as an amp
replacement. I hope the freebob project will be successful so
I can replace my external rack mixer by a multichannel
firewire card some day.
I made the experience that LADSPAS sound much better than my
digitech multieffects processor.
I do not expect a stadium bass or guitar sound, but I hope to
get a good basic sound to do some work just for fun.

> fun, that's the most important part.
> ..And enjoy your new toys!

As soon as they arrive, for sure :) .

I cannot actually play the guitar or the bass, but I'd like to
learn it. I'm just trying to study jazz chord voicings but
it's much more difficult than on the piano. BUt I enjoy to
translate the knowledge from the piano to the guitar.

THanks a lot for ypur thoughts,

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