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From: Shayne O'Connor <forums@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Jul 09 2005 - 08:56:20 EEST

Conrad Parker wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 09, 2005 at 08:11:10AM +1000, Shayne O'Connor wrote:
>>Conrad Parker wrote:
>>i remember seeing the post about Creative Commons tagging ... was going
>>to respond, too, but was awfully busy at the time. it's an issue that i
>>think LAU has to subscribe to - as it stands, though, the
>>coder/developer is pretty much the bigwig on LAU and others, which has
>>meant there is much more focus on the *software* side of Freedom rather
> sure, but I think that's changing :) developers can be bigwigs on LAD,
> but musicians should be the bigwigs on LAU. And hey, we can build our
> own community of linux-audio stars :)

you're right - it has been changing a lot (not that i'm much of a
veteran) ... and i think with the inclusion of the rt_limits patch in
kernel 2.6.12 onwards, and a lot of linux audio apps reaching a stable
state, we could see a lot more focus in the LAU on the more cultural
side of the GNU license (ie - the Creative Commons) ... everyone on LAU
should get themselves hip to tagging their music as CC-enabled, it
should go without saying.

>>than the cultural. one of my original intents with "machine has no
>>recordings" was to get all the Linux created audio on one site and have
>>podcast feeds for them ... i'm still wanting to do this, but what has
>>stalled me until now is the lack of license information in the majority
>>of the songs released to LAU/LAM. i assume most, if not all, tracks
>>*are* free for use, but this should be explicity stated ...
> totally -- ok, I think the right thing to do is really to encourage the
> artists to tag their tracks -- I mean, they have to choose their license
> etc. anyway.
>>i'm just wondering whether my webserver people will allow me to install
>>vorbistools on my server ... even though i've included CC info in my
>>tags, and on my site, i don't think i did it in the offical way - so i'm
>>not sure if they would be included in any Creative Commons search :(
> right, I think that kind of info will encourage people to tag -- as in
> if a site like yours has rules that you won't host/link any music that's
> not tagged properly, and otherwise it won't be found anyway, then people
> might start tagging. There is an actual problem in that if the music isn't
> tagged then it defaults to All Rights Reserved and you can't legally host
> it anyway.

that's what i thought. and seeing as i'm a great procrastinator, i
haven't bothered asking anyone yet ... well, not until yesterday, which
- fortunately enough - prompted this discussion :D

i would have no problem compiling and hosting an RSS 2.0/Podcast feed
for all linux audio ... i've got 5GB of server space, and just under
500mb of it is used. once it was all in the one place (it wouldn't
actually *have* to be in the one place, but i would be happy to provide
ftp access for LAUers that needed hosting), it would be easy to add it
to such repositories as commontunes or

i guess the first steps would be to agree on the meaning of the varoius
XML tags used in the podcast feeds, write a tutorial on tagging and
submitting a song (should be a simple process) and then getting people
to submit them to me ... dunno what the interest would be, though - most
people seem pretty happy with the status quo in relation to these
things, or at least resistant to a centralized effort (?!).

>>(have you check out maybe it would be an
>>idea to get a "linux-audio" tag happening there - all created tags have
>>an associated podcast/rss2.0 feed)
> yeah, that's a good idea too -- I only found that site yesterday, linked
> off yours :)
>>wow - you're the closest LAU-er to me yet! i'm in leura in the blue
>>mountains (i grew up on the northern beaches, though).
> heh, there's a few more people in sydney too, and every now and then we
> meet up for slugamusig ( -- trying to get
> more musicians involved atm ...
> Anyway, we should meet up for a beer some time.

that's always a thing i like to do :)

>>great to hear from you, and let me know of anything i can do to help out!
> ok cool, please mail LAU and beg people to tag, that'd be a good start
> :)

i've forwarded this onto LAU ....

> Also I'm chatting to people about getting support between eg. rhythmbox
> and podcasts, to make it really easy to find new free music. I'll pull
> you into that conversation too :-)

ok, cool - it'd be good to get as many people on board this as possible
- it doesn't *have* to be promoted as LINUX audio ... it *should* be
identifiable as such, though ... and, let's face it, if you've made your
music with linux, chances are you're going to subscribe to the Creative
Commons line of thought - may as well make that as conspicuous as possible.

we'll get that beer one day soon!

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