[linux-audio-user] RadIO now has a RSS Podcast feed

From: Mark Constable <markc@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Jul 09 2005 - 23:59:57 EEST

I was interested to see if it was possible to turn the simple list of
links on the RadIO Wiki page into a podcast feed and sure enough it
seems to work reasonably well. I use Akregator and the "Complete Story"
link even points to an empty Wiki page where anyone can leave notes
or thoughts aout each song... or the author could leave "Song Notes"
about how they created the song. Akregator is rumored to handle
podcasts directly RSN... and oh yeah, if anyone creates a real voice
podcast then that would fit in really nice too, especially if it's
about how you created your song... go on, be the first to do it :-)

(point being is I'm not sure other podcast hosts accept non-mp3 files)

These usage instructions from http://opensrc.org/index.php?page=RadIO

 To add a link, simply Edit this document and add the URL of any freely
 redistributable Ogg or MP3 on the web at the top of this list below,
 then click on [ this link ] to recreate the podcast feed and streaming
 m3u list for broadband hi-fi streaming. Click on the links below to
 download the files directly and please remove any links that you feel
 are not appropriate or no longer work.

It can't get any simpler. Sure, it's missing lots of info about the
original author and license etc but every extra piece of info or login
requirement is another barrier to entry... I can't see how it can be
any simpler than this to provide at least one distributed catalog of
open source songs. One click to paste a URL, a 2nd click to save the
page and a 3rd click to auto generate the RSS/m3u feed.

The direct link to the podcast RSS feed is at...


and the broadband original-fi streaming link is...


and of course the actual media can be downloaded directly from the
original site by RMB clicking directly on the media links. A handy
linux CLI friendly podcast aggregator is bashpodder from...


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