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Date: Sun Jul 10 2005 - 10:26:04 EEST

On Thu, 23 Jun, 2005 at 12:34AM +0200, MarC spake thus:
> (http)
> Opinions?

Ooooh! This is good!

Excuse me for making everything into a soundtrack, but it seems like
the best way to verbalise the "feeling" of a track...

A man walks in the sun - there are no shadows, and colours are
bleached. It's not too hot, so perhaps it's a very clear autumn day,
with the sun at it's highest for the day. He's walking along a wide
street, cars driving past. His blue and white striped shirtsleeves
are pushed up, with one button on each cuff open. His tie is
slightly loosened - he's out of the office and doesn't want the
constant reminder of the noose around his neck. About halfway through
the track, he stops and watches cars, one by one, picking one out and
following it until he can't see it anymore and then looking at
another. He looks thoughtful, puzzled and slightly worried.

That's what your track sounds like to me.

I don't think this counts as constructive criticism.

Thanks for the track.


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