[linux-audio-user] Call for collaboration

From: <james@email-addr-hidden-dot-dat.net>
Date: Tue Jul 12 2005 - 12:20:30 EEST

It's me again.

I've been going back over some stuff I did a while ago, and found
something that I decided to take in a slightly different direction.

I have a rough cut of the new track at

What I want now is a collaborator or collaborators. Mainly vocals and

There're plenty of open spaces in the track for focusing on the new
parts, so you can show off in the breaks.

If anyone would care to have a listen and knock up some parts, I'll
fiddle with putting them in the track.

Vocalist must bring own "lyrical skillz" - I've tried writing lyrics
before and ended up with the most puerile and naive drivel.

I hope someone takes the bait, er, I mean opportunity; it would be
interesting to see how something like this would work.



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