Re: [linux-audio-user] Problems appling realtime preempt patch to 2.6.12

From: Shayne O'Connor <forums@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 02:29:50 EEST

Iain Duncan wrote:
>>>> yeah, i got this as well ... hasn't seemed to have any noticeable
>>>> effects, though.
>>> Huh? Does that mean the kernel image is built anyway? I was under the
>>> impression that it meant it didn't finish compiling? Am I confused?
>> If the error was in building a module that you don't use, then it would
>> be harmless. This seems to be the case.
> Ah, excuse my ignorance please, but does that mean the rest *did* build,
> or I need to somehow comment out building that module and do it again?
> And if so, how would I do that? In the kernel makefile?

hmmm ... when i built mine, i didn't get that message until doing:

sudo make modules_install

... it went through the process of installing the modules, and then -
the very last line - it gave me:

> : undefined reference to `there_is_no_init_MUTEX_LOCKED_for_RT_semaphores'

and it also gave me the same deal when doing:

sudo make install.

so, unless it compiled all the drivers/modules *before* exiting with
error, i would try to find out the driver/module that is failing to
compile, assess whether you need it or not, and try again (using "make

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