[linux-audio-user] Hydrogen, Ardour & clipping problems

From: Brett McCoy <idragosani@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Jul 15 2005 - 05:03:47 EEST

I wasn't sure which list to send this to, since several applications are
involved so this one seemed the most appropriate...

I am recording drums from Hydrogen into Ardour, using the multitrack
output of Hydrogen to record from, via jack (I had posted a couple days
earlier about a jack problem I was having in this scenario).

I am now having problems with the instruments in Hydrogen severely
clipping in Ardour... the meters are going way into the red, sometimes
showing a level of 13+. This occurs no matter what I do -- lowering the
individual levels in Hydrogen, changing instrument gain, using a
limiter, controlling the audio from envy24control, but nothing seems to
affect this. It seems mostly to be the kick drum, but the toms are
doing it was well (using UltraAcousticKit).

Now, if instead I record from the master out from Hydrogen, this problem
doesn't occur, the levels are reasonable and there is no clipping. But
this isn't going to work because I want to the individual drums in their
own tracks!

Is there some other obscure way of controlling this clipping?

I am using the very latest from CVS for everything (jack, Hydrogen and
Ardour, all built new just today).

Programmer by Day, Guitarist by Night
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