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> I found two patches in ZynAddSubFX that sounded great layered, the
> "Soft
> Arpeggio3" and the "Ice Rhodes2," but every time I recorded the piece
> routing the audio output of ZynAddSubFX through Jack to Rezound, I
> would
> receive just one or two brief overruns. These became frustrating, so I
> instead reluctantly resorted to using one of the sounds from one of my
> external MIDI tone generators, the SRX-02 "Concert Piano" expansion
> boand in my Roland FantomXR, routing the audio into the computer via
> an
> M-Audio Delta 1010 sound card.
> However, I must say that I was very impressed with the sounds that
> ZynAddSubFX produces and I hope to do more study and resolve Jack's
> overrun issue because I would very much like to record using "soft
> synths" such as ZynAddSubFX.

Did you get glitches on the recording as well as audible ones while
The reason I'm asking is that I play with zyn with a very low latency,
and get occasional xruns, but when I play the recording back in Ardour,
the glitches seem to have vanished.

I'm not sure why this is, perhaps it's different recording into Ardour
rather than Rezound.
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