Re: [linux-audio-user] My CD Player/Burner stopped working

From: pirrone <pirrone@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 23:36:11 EEST

Mike Jewell wrote:

>Thanks for the reply Frank. But I've tried alsamixer with no success.
>I actually usually use Envy24control which seems to control most of the
>same settings (all of which I have at max just to be sure.) Although in
>the past "PCM Outs" 1 and 2 have been adequate along with DAC 1 and 2.
>I'm wondering if my burner has actually failed. Could it be that the
>digital output is broken even though the built-in DtoA is fine?
>The other evidence is that when I try to burn wav files to it with
>XcdRoast, I get: "OPC Failed".
>Any other ideas?
><pirrone@email-addr-hidden> wrote:
>You've got to closely scrutinize alsamixer to make sure the correct
>channel is unmuted and raised to the point where you will hear the CD
>playing. The headphone jack has nothing to do with your computer at
>so it tells you nothing. The fact that your card is working and that
>your CD drive worked suggests the upgrade left a setting altered on the
Not much, Mike. I just set up a new computer, with my last box having
an analog cable between the CD drive and sound card, and went through
the ALSA adjustments I mentioned so I thought it might apply to your
problem. Still, the timing of the upgrade with the failure is

The OPC step involves reading the disk medium which doesn't seem related
to sending out a digital signal over the bus, and that could indeed have
broken between the last time you were aware it worked, and now, but how
common would that be?

My first suspicion would still be changes in ALSA with the new OS before
a sudden catastrophic failure of the digital output.

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