Re: [linux-audio-user] what distro do you use?

From: J_Zar <j_zar@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jul 20 2005 - 01:19:10 EEST

Alle 21:24, marted́ 19 luglio 2005, michael@email-addr-hidden ha scritto:
> On Tue, 19 Jul 2005, J_Zar wrote:
> > Alle 18:07, marted́ 19 luglio 2005, Russell Hanaghan ha scritto:
> >> J_Zar wrote:
> >>> Alle 18:58, domenica 17 luglio 2005, paniq@email-addr-hidden ha scritto:
> >>>> a simple poll for your ml people here:
> >>>>
> >>>> a.) what (linux) distribution do you use?
> >>>
> >>> PCLinuxOS
> >>>
> >> :) Off topic but how did you get turned onto PClinuxOS? Was it from
> >>
> >> this list?
> >>
> >> R~
> >
> > Well... I was searching for a Mandrake alternative because I dislike
> > limited free Mandrake repositories... Searching on the net I found
> > PCLoS... I found a well established community ( I
> > tryed the boot CD and I was astonished from the power of that stuff...
> > Then I installed it and I am very happy of this distrib. I used lot of
> > distros in my pcs (each one for several months): Fedora / RH (1 year),
> > Mandrake (4 years), Debian (3 months), knoppix hd installed (2 months),
> > Ubuntu (this one only few weeks), Mepis (2 months)....
> At the risk of straying even further off-topic, can I ask what you didn't
> like about Debian, that it was so bad that it only lasted 3 months? It's
> next on my list to try, after my somewhat unimaginative history of
> Slackware (2 years) Redhat( 4 years, until they pulled the plug), Gentoo
> (about 6 months and loving it).
> The main thing I love about gentoo (other than the geek factor) is the
> emerge facility, which I gather I get about the same with debian's apt-get.
> So I thought I should try it.

[A little OT!]
Well... I think Debian is really good and functional but it is very far from
my mind... Especially in config files places and some other stuff (not
similar with RH based distributions)... ;-D

Although, even if there was some exceptions (Ubuntu and Mepis was not so good
as I expected...), I never give up for distrib issues... but only for taste!
A distribution or another one is really a personal choise. There is no evil
and no heaven. I think the user make the difference: how deep you know your
distribution? Do you know where to put your hands? The X distribution can
make difference thinking in time losses? Usability for you? Facilities and
config times?

These are good questions for choosing the right distribution. ;-)
Don't expect geek factors or guru-dreams: I think that a deep knowledge of
your system make the geek-factor and trasforms you in a guru! ;-P


            Gianluca Romanin
               aka J_Zar
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