[linux-audio-user] debian/demudi: a good introductory package?

From: charles thorley <charlesthump@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jul 20 2005 - 23:38:33 EEST

hi all. been lurking for a few weeks, taking it all
in. this list seems to be a pretty awesome resource,
so i'm glad to be on it.

i'm just getting my feet wet with production (been
djing for about 6 years, give or take), and while for
now most of my composition (dance-ish stuff, mostly)
will continue to happen in the unfortunate world of
xp, i'm going to be buying an extra harddrive pretty
soon here so that i can start dual booting into linux
for mastering and for recording my friends live, which
i'm very eager to begin doing.

my question is this: is debian (demudi) a good place
to start (re)learning linux, given my intention to use
the linux environment first and foremost as a daw?
the last time i ran linux i was 16, and only barely
able to "run" it successfuly. i remember _very_
little of it at this point. but i'm a reasonably
quick study, and i'm pretty motivated to learn it and
make it work.

any input would be welcomed and appreciated. my
apologies if this is a question that gets fielded
regularly; that being the case, a reference to an old
thread or a faq would be great.



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